Custom Wood Shutters

It's the gentle tap on your neighbor's shoulder that quietly says, "I win."

Simply put, custom exterior shutters provide a level of finish that is historically accurate and architecturally correct; it is a look that sets a home apart.  At Pratt & D’Angelo we measure and install custom wood shutters manufactured by Timberlane Woodcrafters.

When custom shutters are built and installed correctly you can see the difference. They are built by fine craftsmen with the same skill and finesse that is used in making high-quality wood furniture.  By comparison, generic or “stock” shutters typically come in standard sizes, usually in four inch increments, which means that the shutter may be too long or too short for your window.  Custom shutters are made so when they close, they meet perfectly in the middle, and louvered styles can be fully operational, allowing you to open and shut the louvers.

At Pratt & D’Angelo, we typically specify Western Red Cedar for all our custom wood shutters.  This beautiful, fine-grained wood has natural tannins to help preserve its character, quality and long lasting durability.  It is naturally resistant to decay, insects and weather.  Timberlane shutters are crafted from solid cedar (not finger jointed leftovers) – a small detail that has great impact on durability over time.

Window with shutters | Pratt & D'Angelo

Set your home apart with custom wood shutters.