Color Consulting

Color expertise at your service.

Having a hard time picking that perfect shade of blue? Or wondering which yellow will compliment your couch and window treatments?  At Pratt & D’Angelo we understand the stress many people go through trying to pick the perfect color.  In fact, when most people are given the opportunity to dramatically change their interior enviornment they often settle for painting their rooms the “same color” becuase they fear making a mistake.

Fear no more!  Pratt & D’Angelo offers an FIT Certified Color Consultant to help you confidently pick the perfect color.  Unlike other “Color Consultants” that show up with a fan deck and have you choose among 10 popular colors, each of our consultations are tailored to your preferences, furniture, environment and surroundings.  

Woman with color swatch book

Enjoy your home in a whole new way.

​”The Pratt & D’Angelo color consultant helped me select paint colors that articulated my taste and gave me the confidence to try a new look. I look forward to the final result and enjoying my home in a whole new way.”

S. Jacoby – Rye, New York

Our 5 Step Color Consulting process goes as follows:

  • Our F.I.T. Certified Color Consultant meets with you in your home for apporximately 1 to 2 hrs to discuss your project and evaluate your architecture and surrounding furnishings or environment
  • Following your consultation, we draft up a proposed color schedule and Express Mail you 8" x 11" color swatches to pin on the walls of your home to evaluate and discuss.
  • Following the color sampling, and if needed, we re-issue a second round of large color swatches to make sure you are comfortable with the decision.
  • When our painters arrive, our Color Consultant issues the final Color Schedule and if needed, we apply larger, "Real Life" samples to your walls for final approval.
  • We paint your rooms and you fall in love with your custom colors!