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Painting company serving Greenwich, CT - Pratt & D'Angelo

Pratt & D’Angelo is a full-service painting company serving Greenwich, Connecticut, and other communities throughout the area. We specialize in high-end interior and exterior painting projects – undertakings that call for no less than the most sophisticated painting craftsmanship. Our painting company is dedicated to providing superior value to every customer, and to that end, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our customers’ painting needs are met.

For example, every Pratt & D’Angelo painting job is preceded by a thorough in-home walkthrough and needs assessment. A professional estimator from our Greenwich painting company discusses the customer’s painting goals in detail, and uses that information to generate an easy-to-understand cost proposal that can be up to 300 line items long. Our president, Ralph Rossi, has personally developed a tablet PC software program that allows our estimators to create written proposals right on the spot. Labor hours, paint colors, paint quantities, paint brands, project start date, project end date – the written proposal includes everything the customer needs to make an informed decision on whether to hire Pratt & D’Angelo.

Another way in which our painting company provides excellent value is the extent to which we invest in the productivity and happiness of our employees. Unlike many painting companies, Pratt & D’Angelo has a bona fide in-house training program for all its employees. Completion of this program is required before any employee is allowed to perform painting work of any kind on a job site.

For more information, please contact Pratt & D’Angelo, a full-service residential painting company serving Greenwich, CT, and communities beyond. We will be pleased to discuss your interior and/or exterior painting needs with you in detail during your complimentary in-home needs assessment. Along with interior and exterior painting, we also do carpentry repair work, wallpaper installation, window replacement, and more.