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Interior & Exterior Home Painting Services for Residents of Greenwich, CT

Pratt & D’Angelo is a full-service home painting company serving Greenwich, Connecticut, and surrounding communities. Our owner and president, Ralph Rossi, is a successful home improvement entrepreneur who has overseen Pratt & D’Angelo’s ascension as one of the premier interior and exterior home painting companies in the region. Recently, Ralph appeared alongside several other interior design and paint professionals in full-color magazine advertisements as part of Benjamin Moore Paint’s “For Those Who Know More” publicity campaign. Ralph was selected for his professionalism, depth of knowledge, ethical business practices, and dedication to using only the highest quality home painting products available.

Accolades aside, Pratt & D’Angelo simply offers a higher level of craftsmanship and customer service than your typical home painting contractor. Our specialty is in performing high-end interior and exterior painting projects that demand a professional’s touch. To that end, every individual on the Pratt & D’Angelo team is required to participate in an in-house training program, wherein they are given thorough instruction in every facet of the painting process. Participation is mandatory, regardless of experience or pre-existing skill level, with the ultimate goal being to instill an ethic of teamwork among our employees and set expectations for the quality of work that is expected of everyone who dons a Pratt & D’Angelo uniform.

As a prospective customer of Pratt & D’Angelo, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our complimentary “needs assessment” service. A professional estimator from our company will conduct a thorough, room-by-room walkthrough of your home and, upon completion, provide you a highly detailed cost proposal. This written proposal will include all the information you’ll need – paint color, man hours required, price, etc. – to make an informed decision on whether you wish to utilize our painting services.

To learn more, contact Pratt & D’Angelo, a full-service home painting contractor serving Greenwich, CT, and surroundings areas.